About Us

The Sovesi Ltd. has developed a high level of know-how that the door to reach a knowledge of the field of the first order. The partnership with the largest companies of installation and maintenance guarantee a constant feedback that lead to a very high standard of production. The constant attention to the needs of customers is maximum.

We produce the most technologically advanced in the plants with a wide range of centrifugal pumps, self-priming, submersible pumps, submersible motor pumps, generators, equipment for command and control for the integrated water cycle. All for installations suitable for all weather conditions and, in general, adverse.

Thanks to an ever greater knowledge of the markets and in the workplace, has specialized in providing complete solutions ranging from construction of pumps directed to areas increasingly diversified and now produces the current range of models in all existing metallurgy (steel steel, cast iron, bronze, plastic).

All this allows to settle on the absolute level positions in the Italian and world.

The pumps are made Sovesi Srl comply with EU directives and international reference standards.
In energy conservation in the design phase have been complied with the directives 2009/125 / EC and Regulation No. 547/2012 of the European Commission

The electric motors are made of environmentally friendly in respect of Regulation EC No. 640/2009

Before shipping each product is subject to a quality control that ensures reliability


Sovesi Electric Starters is the division of Sovesi Ltd. which designs and manufactures electrical panels.


We adopt innovative solutions and modern in the design and construction of electrical distribution, automation, remote monitoring and control motors and pumps.


Our mission is to cover all needs as regards the production of electrical panels for electric pumps for drinking water, waste water, water plants, for fire protection systems, pressurization, for emptying and filling of tanks containing fluids in general.


The production also includes MCC (Motor Control Center) in fixed and removable drawers, power center and all types of framework starter.


The Ns products, made with high quality components, can be integrated into automation systems, including PLC, PC, networks synoptic video sinotticI and anything else necessary to ensure that the system is totally under control and highly automated.
Production standard work alongside a large laboratory that creates paintings and designed on the needs of each customer getting maximum customization possible